The Longalaita restaurant

The restaurant takes its name from the majestic wooden beam that supports the whole length of its roof. More than 200 years old and with exceptional dimensions, this magnificent fir trunk comes from the wood at Rotzo, where red and white firs have survived the inclement weather, furious storms and two world wars!

The cuisine of the Longalaita revisits in a new way the wealth of tradition and of a land rich in natural ingredients and local products.
The cellar is a treasure chest that contains wines from the best Italian and foreign wine-making tradition, ideal to be able to get unforgettable combinations with dishes expertly prepared by our chef.

The Longalaita restaurant is the ideal place to spend, in a refined setting, lunches, dinners or work breaks. The food and wine are processed to meet the various customer segments.

Characterized by a precise and punctual service, Longalaita has a total of 80 seats in the large central hall and the charming veranda, which opens a breathtaking backdrop for diners: seasonal gaze is lost on golf courses, up They get to the Plateau forests, while in winter the white snow and cross-country ski slopes creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

A beautiful place in a beautiful country

In every season Longalaita Restaurant gives you comfort and relaxation


The surroundings

The Longalaita is located in the main body of the Golf Club Asiago. The complex overlooks a breathtaking view that gives the visitor peace and quiet. Welcome to the Plateau of Asiago.

Letting your eyes embrace a panorama of gentle hills, green pastures, snow-covered peaks, luxuriant woods of fir, beech and larch trees; walking along paths amidst edelweiss, narcissus, rhododendrons and Turk’s cap lilies, glimpsing deer, roe deer, chamois, foxes, marmots, stoats…

The rich nature and the pleasant landscape make playing an unforgettable experience on the Asiago Plateau, the largest plateau in Europe.

Lying between the river Brenta and the Astico, with altitudes ranging from 200 to 2300 metres, the Plateau is an hour’s drive from Vicenza and an hour and a half from Venice and Verona. Asiago, in particular, also has a small tourist airport, a convenient landing place for private flights.